Highly qualified manufacturing subcontractor

Thor Ahlgren is a highly qualified manufacturing subcontractor supplying the:


  • automotive industry
  • electronics industry
  • engineering industry
  • telecoms industry
  • furniture industry

Our core competence is excenter pressing of stamped and pressed sheet metal components, fine-blanking of precision parts as well as laser cutting. We are known for our precision within the 'small parts' segment. We are often referred to when flat washers are discussed, which is very flattering.


Your requirements determine the materials and properties selection. We, through utilizing our in-house development and tool competence, can rapidly develop the unique components you require. In addition, we have an in-house surface treatment facility, which further guarantees quality. 


We manufacture items such as washers, leaf springs, clips, hardened washers, brackets, protective plates, slewing brackets and can provide component assembly solutions and machine assembly.


We are qualified in accordance with IATF6949, ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001:20015