More examples of our products

Locking plate

The locking plate goes in and locks in the event of collapse. It is released by simply pulling on it.



Autobalancing is an anti-vibration device of rotating tools which is often used in hand tools to balance the tool.



Opalomega is a bracket which is used, for example, in window attachment.


HL display (HL Hooks)

HL display is a holder for shelf displays in shops.


Metal seals

Metal seals are rings which act as hydraulic sealing. Our metal rings are rubber clad to provide additional sealing.


Suspension bracket

Used for:

  • Stratos ventilation
  • air filters
  • ventilation air distributors

Frost washer

Frost washers are also called oil plugs, expansion plugs or frost plugs. The plug is pressed into the engine block so that the engine does not crack when cooling.


Headrest collarHeadrest collar

Headrest collar allows the upholstery to more easily move into position.


Copper roundel (matrix)

Copper roundels form an impact absorbing layer with the crown absorbing impact.